• All work will be agreed verbally or via written communications and then confirmed in writing in the form of email by myself KMJ Projects & Business Services, noting the brief outline, time frame of work needed, whether this be hours or project duration and cost of my services agreed.

  • Any templates, brand guidelines, or copy you wish for me to use to complete the work are to be supplied by you the client in a time efficient manner to allow for me to meet your brief deadline.

  • I have a variety of office and project software solutions I use to carry out your work that require an annual subscription at no additional charge to you, however where there is a particular software needed that you have requested I use, the subscription/license fee will be charged to you the client, this will be discussed as part of the brief and agreed in advance.

  • Work carried out will be as per your brief, however if changes are made to the brief by you the client part way through the project/work, new timescales will need to be agreed accordingly and any amends to cost of services discussed and mutually agreed.

  • Communication preferences will be agreed at the brief stage.

  • Unless otherwise stated all work will be carried out at my premises, if I am required at your place of work/location, any travel expenses will be incurred. Mileage is charged additionally at £0.49 per mile. This will be agreed in the initial brief before work commences. This also applies to Project Management work where I am based on location.

  • Authority: All work agreed with you as the client is on the basis you have the authority to make that agreement, including the agreement for the charge of my services. I will not order any goods or services on your behalf unless it is approved by the appropriate person.

  • All hourly work I carry out is charged in 15-minute increments, for example a 10-minute phone call will be charged for 15 minutes.

  • All email enquiries will be replied to within 24 hours, exceptions to be made on weekends, bank holidays or any dates I have specified I will not be available.

  • Any urgent work needed or out of hours work (i.e. weekends, bank holidays) will incur an additional out of hours fee agreed at the time of brief.

  • 30 day’s notice is required to terminate any future work, upon termination in writing any time incurred in handing over, enquiries, returning data will be charged at my hourly rate. Termination can be given by either party.

  • My primary contact information is as follows, please send all email correspondence to katie@kmj-projects.co.uk or call 07712 136284 to discuss work or for further advice.

Data Protection, Insurance and Confidentiality

  • I acknowledge that I have access to confidential material provided by you the client, however all material will be stored and used responsibly on your behalf.

  • The rights in work done under this agreement will be to KMJ Projects & Business Services. Upon payment of my fees and charges I will assign to you the work specifically created under the booking. I agree to sign any further documents needed to complete the transfer of rights to you. This will not include the rights to any templates, structures, or methodologies that I use to create your material.

  • You promise not to breach any third-party copyrights in sending me material to work on

  • You promise not to use any confidential or restricted information that belongs to someone else when sending me work to complete.

  • I reserve the right to showcase any website creation/creative work I design on your behalf as reference of my skill set and design portfolio, however no sensitive material or information that is not already public on the website will be shared with anyone but you the client.

  • On written termination of contract, all client data will be deleted, however I reserve the right to keep your contact details as means of discussing future work with you. This would include- name, phone number, email address and the name and numbers of any suppliers I used to carry out your work that are relevant to future project work.

  • I use secure email.

  • We will agree the best method for sending material between each other. Any breach of confidentiality or data, I will not be liable for.

  • Any passwords or logins will be stored securely during period of use and deleted after completion of work, unless otherwise instructed by you the client to keep for future work.

  • I am a registered data protection controller (ICO), GDPR Compliant.

  • Any time and expenses incurred in responding to your requests to audit data for GDPR compliance will be charged at my normal hourly rate

  • I have Professional Indemnity Insurance to the value of £1,000,000 and Cyber insurance. You can ask me for a copy of my insurance documents for your reference.



  • Invoices will be raised weekly.

  • All payments shall be settled within 7 days of date of invoice sent.

  • For each late payment I shall send a reminder email after 1 week, if the payment is not settled after 21 days, I will pause any work I am carrying out until all monies owed are paid to date.


  • The use of this website www.kmj-projects.co.uk, is subject to the following terms of use:

  • All content within the pages of this website is for your general information and use only and is subject to change without notice.

  • Every effort is made to keep this website up and running smoothly however I take no responsibility for any technical issues beyond my control.

  • There may be links to other sites within this website for your information only, I do not take any responsibility for the content within these sites.

  • Unauthorised use of this website may result in a claim for damages/or be a criminal offence.

  • KMJ Projects & Business Services will have no liability for any indirect or consequential losses or expenses suffered by you, however caused. Including but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits, goodwill reputation, business receipts or contracts, or losses or expenses resulting from third party claims.

  • KMJ Projects & Business Services will not be held liable for any losses you may incur arising from my completion of work or any negligence on my behalf.

  • KMJ Projects & Business Services is registered in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

  • This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales.